This Company Just Unveiled One Of The Fastest Private Airplanes Ever


This Company Just Unveiled One Of The Fastest Private Airplanes Ever


Private aircraft manufacturer Cobalt has recently launched two new models of aircrafts. The models include the certified Co50 Valkyrie and the experimental Valkyrie-X. The airplanes are now available for preorder.

The Valkyrie aircrafts are said to be very sleek and designed to reach extremely fast speeds. They are the fastest airplanes in the single piston engine class, and they can reach speeds of up to 260 knots. Most planes of this nature can only reach 242 knots. Cobalt also says that these planes are particularly safer than most other private planes.

The airplanes are equipped with forewings to prevent them from stalling in mid-air. The engine is placed on the backend to allow for a smoother and safer experience when taking off and landing.

The planes were reportedly inspired by classic fighter jets. Their designs feature clean lines and premium finishes. They are available in many different colors for customization. Inside, the planes contain leather seating that is hand-stitched.

The dashboard is simple, with a basic on-and-off switch, and it has a place to store an iPad. There is also ample storage space for things like golf bags, skis and suitcases.

The engine features 350 horsepower, and it is retractable and IRF-capable. The cabin is oxygenized and non-pressurized. The plane can cruise for up to 1,050 nautical miles.

The plexiglass topper of the aircraft offers a 320 degree, and Cobalt says it’s the largest one-piece canopy in the world.

There isn’t much difference between the Co50 and the X. The Co50 is certified, and starts at $699,000, with a $15,000 deposit. The Valkyrie-X starts at $595,000 with no money down. According to Cobalt, the Co50 should be ready by the summer of 2017. The X should be available in six months.

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