This Robotics Company Is Set To Launch New Must Have Robot Toy


This Robotics Company Is Set To Launch New Must Have Robot Toy


One company called Dash Robotics will soon be offering a research robot that users will be able to control, much like that of an RC car. Making them even more fun is that the user will get to construct the robot themselves.

The robot is being called Kamigami, and it will be able to be built in 30 minutes without using any tools, soldering or glue. The robot will be a major upgrade from robots previously released by the company.

Kamigami will be built from a laser cut sheet of a fabric-plastic composite that was invented by Dash Robotics. Previous models used a paper-plastic composite that was much less durable. The new Kamigami will even able to survive a fall off a tall bridge.

The original robot from Dash Robotics was released more than two years ago, as the company greatly exceeded crowdfunding expectations. The result was a quick-moving robot that resembled a cockroach. It was met with widespread approval.

However, the new robot will be a major upgrade. It will be able to be assembled easier, move faster, function with iOS devices, be specially programmed by the user and it will be fully charged in just 30 minutes to offer up to an hour of playtime.

The new robots will also include more advanced sensors, giving them better ability when it comes to rotating, accelerating, responding to ambient light and receiving infrared signals. Multiple robots will also be able to interact with each other for the purposes of competition or cooperation.

While the robots will initially only be able to function with iOS devices, newer models will eventually be upgraded to function with Android devices as well.

The Kamigami robots are launching on Kickstarter today, and they will be available early next year. The robots will cost $49, and they will be made in the United States.

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