What China's Crackdown On Funeral Strippers Says About Its Government


What China's Crackdown On Funeral Strippers Says About Its Government


The Chinese Ministry of Culture announced Thursday that the government will begin clamping down on the hiring of strippers for funerals.

In a statement released Thursday, the ministry says they will be paying close attention to obscene performances in the eastern province of Jiangsu, as well as in Handan, and will charge individuals violating the prohibition.

Pictures are making the rounds on Chinese social media showing a dancer removing her bra for mourners.

The photos show that six erotic dancers had been hired to appear at the funeral of an elderly man from Handan earlier this year. An investigation was launched into the incident and found that their performance to be in violation of public security regulations.

The person "responsible for the performers" was arrested and held in jail for more than two weeks. He was then fined the equivalent of $10,000. The Chinese government vocally condemned the incident for "corrupting the social atmosphere".

The recent crackdown is the latest government effort against the phenomenon and comes after a ten year battle against the practice.

The governments interest in this issue exposes the weakness of China's communist political system. By centrally planning the economy resources continue to be mis-allocated - either to fat cat party members or through throwing money at issues not critical to the health and well-being of its citizens.

It also highlights China's tough stance on personal liberties and freedoms. It spends vast sums of money and effort keeping its citizens from thinking independently and expressing personal beliefs.

This is a losing cause and one which will catch up to the communist party eventually. The current system of government in China is nothing more than a mechanism for ruling elites to enslave the population while they run off with the fruits of their labor. Sooner or later people will get wise to this, despite all the censorship and propaganda. When they do, watch out.

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