While Facebook Builds Goggles, Google Builds The Tools To Make Virtual Reality Videos


While Facebook Builds Goggles, Google Builds The Tools To Make Virtual Reality Videos


As we've said before, 2016 is set to be the year virtual reality goes mainstream. Facebook, Google, Samsung, GoPro, Sony, Conde Nast and a host of others are all lining up to launch 3d goggles and content late this year and early in 2016.

While Facebook, thanks to its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus, is intent on making the glasses to view 3d content, arch-rival Google is going in a different direction by making 3d video capture tools.

The Mountain View based search giant announced on Monday that it is now looking for help to test its Jump virtual reality capture platform. The company released a short survey to screen potential applicants who want to help shape the future of virtual reality.

The straightforward form asks for basic biographical information, what country you live in and what your job is and then asks would-be producers to write what kind of content they wish to create with the platform. “Tell us about what you have in mind,” reads the form. “Not required, but awesome answers might put you at the top of the list.”

Google's 3d creation platform, Jump, was unveiled it at this year’s annual I/O developer conference and was created in partnership with GoPro. The system consists of an array of 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras that capture 360 degree panoramic video at incredible speed.

Google hasn't yet announced any launch details or time-frames on the new product but given the intense interest in the market for all things virtual reality, and competitor products on-tap, expect to see production versions of Jump hit the market in early 2016.

Google has an especially vested interest in making 3d film and television thanks to its ownership of video sharing platform YouTube. There is a distinct worry in Mountain View that if Google fails to attract 3d content to its video sharing platform it could drive users away and relegate the platform to has-been status.

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