Snapchat Wants To Rake In That Presidential Campaign Money

Snapchat Wants To Rake In That Presidential Campaign Money

Thanks to advances in technology and the changing ways that we view media, presidential campaigns are very likely to change the way they target voters. This upcoming election cycle, it is widely believed that the messaging and social media application Snapchat will be a major source of political advertisements. The startup company will most likely make a very large amount of money thanks to advertising revenue from the presidential election next year.

Presidential candidates most certainly recognize the importance of targeting young millennial voters. Putting advertisements on Snapchat represents a strong method of attracting this critical demographic. Most of the presidential candidates for the upcoming election already have Snapchat accounts themselves.

A recent survey that was conducted by Snapchat found that more than 65% of all millennial users of Snapchat say that they are most likely going to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Indeed, appealing to millennial voters on Snapchat looks like a good way to win their vote. Young people played a big role in helping Barack Obama win the election.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has also been heavily investing in Live Stories, which is a new type of crowdsourced broadcast where images submitted by Snapchat users are joined together in order to show many different perspectives of one single major event. Snapchat currently has continuous Live Stories taking place in New Hampshire and Iowa, which are two early election battlegrounds for determining the Democrat and Republican nominees.

Candidates are currently able to purchase advertisement spots that would be inserted between user videos on Live Stories. At the present time, Republican presidential candidates John Kasich, Rand Paul and Scott Walker have already purchased such advertisement spots. No Democrats have purchased advertising rights on the platform at this time.

Currently, there are over 100 million daily users on Snapchat who watch a total of more than 6 billion videos on a daily basis. About one third of millennials who are likely to vote in the election already use Snapchat.

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