People Are Complaining About Their Banks On Social Media And The Banks Are Responding

People Are Complaining About Their Banks On Social Media And The Banks Are Responding

Banks have been getting involved heavily on social media websites, as they have been responding to posts made by people who are complaining about their mortgages.

Representatives from banks have been using popular social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to see what their clients are saying about their services. The representatives are even responding to the statements made by customers.

The most common exchange involves a bank responding to a home buyer complaining about their high monthly mortgage payment.

Additionally, banks are also priding themselves on their quick response times. Many banks are making it an unofficial goal to respond to all inquiries made on social media in ten minutes or less.

Banks have actually been establishing small divisions of workers who are constantly on the watch for comments made about their company. They will support customers, process leads, collect feedback and try to settle any less-than-positive comments.

It’s not really that big of a surprise that banks are putting a large amount of resources into social media connectivity. Many people have been known to utilize Facebook and Twitter to obtain information about mortgages. If the potential clients go there, then banks will certainly follow.

One such bank is TD Bank. The company says that it keeps employees on social media websites every day of the week for at least 17 hours a day.

Head of digital marketing and social media at TD Bank Wendy Arnott says, “If you tweet to us, you will get a response. The response time is really quick, less than ten minutes in most cases.”

TD bank is also notable for allowing clients to text questions. Reportedly, even more customers are making use of the texting service than the social media option. Mostly it is used for general inquiries, such as requesting appointments, finding out lending rates and figuring out how to make changes to their account.

Of course, some people are using social media to complain about their mortgage rates. And with some people having hundreds of followers, you can be sure that any given bank will follow-up on these complaints in order to protect their image. Some people have even said that the bank was willing to work with them following their complaints.

Other people simply post about their banks on social media for fun. They say that they never know what their bank will have to say.

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