150 People Arrested In California Because of a Viral TikTok Video

150 people arrested in california

On Saturday night, nearly 150 people were arrested in California¬† because of a TikTok invite. A missive crowd swarmed Huntington Beach for “Adrians Kickback”.

An estimated 2,500 people packed downtown Huntington Beach for a guy named Adrian’s birthday. “Adrian’s Kickback” went viral on popular video app, TikTok and led to almost 150 arrests.

150 people arrested in california because of tiktok

150 People Arrested In California 

The hashtag has been viewed more than 220 million times and some people out of state were even considering attending.

Videos of huge crowds of young people dancing, climbing street lights, lifeguard towers, police cars and even setting off fireworks. Basically, Adrian got the gift of a riot for his birthday.

arrests made after tiktok goes viral

The Huntington Beach Police Department said it was made aware of the party earlier in the week, and found the crowd unlawful by only 7 PM.

Police arrested 121 adults and 28 minors on charges that include vandalism, curfew violations and setting off illegal fireworks. Additionally, party-goers threw rocks, bottles and fireworks at officers.

On Saturday, Adrian told New York Times he not only posted the video to TikTok but advertised it on Snapchat.

150 arrested from viral tiktok

Some TikTok users reported that the police were firing paintballs at the crowd with video evidence. According to police, several businesses were vandalized as well as police cars and lifeguard towers.

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