47 Million Americans To Be Affected By Extreme Weather Over The Next 24 Hours

47 Million Americans To Be Affected By Extreme Weather Over The Next 24 Hours

Around the country areas already hit by heavy rains will see more rain and severe weather throughout the day Monday and into Tuesday, affecting over 47 million Americans with a chance of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and damaging winds.

Monday forecasters are saying severe thunderstorms and potential tornadoes are threatening approximately 47 million Americans from Wisconsin, Ohio and Kentucky.

According to the Weather Channel, threats of lightning, damaging winds and heavy rains are likely for most parts of the Midwest. The Midwest has recently experienced significant rainfalls resulting in widespread flooding.

In several counties throughout Wisconsin, tornado sirens were heard, with central Illinois being at the greatest risk of tornadoes. However, the biggest threat was from localized flooding and thunderstorms in regions that were already soaked from recent heavy rains.

The Weather Channel stated that a severe thunderstorm watch had been issued for Southern Wisconsin, northwestern Indiana and northern Illinois – including the cities of Milwaukee and Chicago-until 10 a.m. CT (11 a.m. ET). There are over 47 million people residing in the areas that are in the “slight risk or worse”.

Lead forecaster for the Weather Channel, Kevin Roth stated that “the threat could stretch as far northeast as central Ohio.” He also stated, “Altogether quite a few states will be affected.”

Roth added: “We can’t rule out tornadoes but damaging winds and lightning are the main threat.”
Throughout Monday and into Tuesday, it is predicted that the severe weather will move south eastwards impacting Kentucky and Tennessee all the way into the Carolinas and the northern portion of Georgia, according to Roth.

Meanwhile, the South is currently seeing warmer summer temperatures. Dallas is likely to top 100 degrees on Monday according to Roth. Kansas City was also placed under an extreme heat warning.

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