8 Instagram Accounts That Let You Live in the Best American Cities

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in some of the best American cities? Here are 8 Instagram accounts to follow that give you a taste of what it’s like to live in your dream city!

There are almost 20,000 cities throughout the United Sates. Many of us fantasize about these American cities and what it must be like to live there.

We have put together a list of 10 Instagram accounts that let you virtually live in your dream city!

American Cities
San Fransisco | Reddit


if you’ve ever wanted to live in San Francisco, you can do exactly that through this Instagram account. She takes pictures of urban settings, including walls and parks (among other things). It really gives you a feel for the city, without actually having to go there.


This guy is an architect that lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He takes pictures of the vacant and destroyed buildings that he comes across, so if you’ve ever felt the need to look at WIPs (work in progresses) before they’re finished; this is the time to do it.


This is instagram user that is focuses on one of the most idolized American cities, New York. Their photos are edited with love and creativity.  You can tell they really love the city, and it truly comes out in every single picture posted.


Seattle, Washington is known for plenty of things. There’s the sports, and there’s definitely the culture itself; but this account looks at other things. It takes a look at the foggy mountains and the commuters making their way to work; the reality of the city.


This one of the American Cities that does everything big, Dallas, Texas. This account lets you take a peek at the crazy nightlife landscapes, equipped with high-rising buildings and lit up skies. You can finally see what its like to go to Texas, that is without going (but you’re missing out on those burgers!).


Instagram users curious about what it is like to live near the White House can experience through this account. In Washington DC There is a lot of interesting architectural treats in this region as well, so that’s something to look out for on his feed.

Los Angeles | TripSavy


Ok, this has to be the most dreamed about of all American cities. LA offers big city life and gorgeous landscapes. California dream all day long through this account. Soak up the sun (virtually that is) by checking out this feed as often as you can.


Chicago, Illinois is one of those cities that has a lot of diversity within it. There’s a lot of food based culture and definitely sports, but the skyline (which is its signature), has to get a one up on both of those. This photography Instagram account posts stunning, gothic images of the White City.

There you have it folks! Our picks for the best Instagrams accounts that capture a few of the great American cities.


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