Al-Qaeda Releases Video Thanking The Free Syrian Army For U.S. Weapons

In the ongoing effort to bring down the Syrian government and their infamous president Bashar al-Assad, the United States has been supporting almost any group who is working to achieve a similar goal. This includes terrorist organizations which most people would consider to be major enemies of the United States. Al-Qaeda has even released a video in which they offered thanks for being supplied with American weapons.

Indeed, the American government has been said to be indirectly supporting groups like al-Qaeda and their al-Nursa faction by arming various rebel groups who are also trying to bring down Assad. American military officials seem to no longer care about who they supply with weapons. Their only goal is defeating Assad, even if it means supporting other terrorists.

The United States government has been largely secretive about its arming of these groups. Instead, American officials have been trying to disguise this by saying that they are supporting the Free Syrian Army. Over the past two months, it has been shown that the Free Syrian Army has received anti-tank weapons from the United States military.

However, the Free Syrian Army has also been fighting against Shiite militias that are fighting against the Islamic State in Iran. Therefore, by supporting the Free Syrian Army, the United States is also indirectly supporting ISIS.

Perhaps most embarrassing is that al-Qaeda has recently released a video that expresses gratitude towards the Free Syrian Army for supplying their al-Nursa front with dangerous anti-tank weapons that were made in America. Al-Qaeda is the same group that was said to be responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Both the Free Syrian Army and al-Nursa are working to force Assad out of power.

The American government has long considered the Free Syrian Army to be a “moderate” opposition group. Now, this moderate group is funding terrorists that have proven to be dangerous and hostile to America. In fact, the United States should have seen this coming, as al-Nursa and the Free Syrian Army formed an alliance earlier this year in March.

Needless to say, it’s very clear that the United States needs to get its priorities straight. Not only is the American government supporting dangerous terrorist groups, they are also indirectly supporting ISIS. Unless the United States concentrates entirely on bringing down ISIS, the situation in the Middle East is likely to spiral further out of control.

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