Apple Drops $99 Tech Classes, Will Start Teaching All Users For Free

Apple is supposedly planning to end its “One to One” teaching plan for iOS and Mac users.

According to Mac Rumors, quoting an unspecified source, the organization plans on dropping the $99 plan in favor of open and free workshops, which the organization already offers.

While this sounds like a win for consumers, who pay nothing instead of $100, there are fears it would put deeper stress on the open workshops already offered as Apple pushes toward reorganizing its retail stores.

Rumor has it that, once the change is implemented, Apple will endeavor to focus on free workshops around such themes as “Discover,” and “Create” and feature them more significantly on its official site.

Offering many free of charge in-store programs will not only offer new users the chances to familiarize themselves with the organization’s wares, but bring considerable foot traffic through the company’s retail stores.

The company’s One to One plan, which offers about 90 minutes of deep training, is unparalleled in the tech industry.

You can go into a Verizon or Best Buy to ask workers about a mobile phone, but they may not know the pros and cons of a product.

Apple personnel characteristically have the facts to get customers, particularly those who aren’t very familiar with the tech space, acquainted with the little ins and outs of an Apple product.

If you do are a One to One member, Apple will supposedly honor your membership until it ends, but no new members will be registered in the future.

While some will miss the comprehensive one to one guidance, the free tutoring might still be adequate for that family member who cannot quite understand how to work their Christmas day iPad.

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