Apple Is Preparing New Bands That Turn Its Watch Into A Powerful Health Tracker

The tech industry has known some time that Apple’s pricey smartwatch was supposed to have a lot more sensors packed inside it as the company sought to create a breakthrough product that revolutionized the digital health.

Due to durability and reliability problems, compounded by strict FDA guidelines, the sensors were removed from the final product that’s currently on sale.

Though we may still see an extra health-conscious model when the next edition is officially launched, it appears like Apple has an answer in the short-term: watch bands.

According to a statement from industry sources, Apple is looking at creating watch bands equipped with medical sensors that would give the currently available Apple Watch the functionality the company originally intended.

The innovative bands would contain a respiratory rate sensor, blood pressure sensor, blood oxygen sensor and even a body heat sensor, and feed that data into Apple’s Health app.

Apple has been increasingly focused on the healthcare market with initiatives like ResearchKit, and the Apple Watch.

Including the bands equipped with sensors would make the device appealing to a number of industries outside of the customer market.

It’s not clear how these innovative bands, which are slated for launch in early 2016, will work exactly but they will likely make use out of the small analytical port concealed where the band connects to the main Apple Watch.

While Apple has yet to comment on the speculation the company will without a doubt want to make the watch’s health capabilities bigger, and if the company couldn’t get these sensors to function properly inside the watch itself, making use of the band seems like a logical step to take.

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