At This LA Museum You Can Walk Through A Rainstorm Without Getting Wet

An amazing new museum exhibit will allow people to stand in a simulated rainstorm without actually getting wet.

The “Rain Room” at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art will feature a light and sound demonstration that simulates all the aspects of being in a real life rainstorm without getting drenched.

The new exhibit is set to make its public debut at the museum on November 1.

The experience itself is said to be visually stunning and surreal. Visitors will walk inside, and sensors will keep track of their locations in order to prevent water from falling on top of them.

As a result, anyone who enters the water-filled exhibit should remain completely dry.

The exhibit makes use of 528 gallons filtered water that is recirculated for each use.

This incredible art display was created by the London art group Random International.  

On their website, Random International says, “Rain Room is a field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, offering visitors the experience of controlling the rain.”

Other museums have featured similar exhibits in the past. Another Rain Room was installed at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 2013. The exhibit was an immediate hit, with lines of people up to eight hours long.

The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art warns visitors that they should also expect long lines. Additionally, they must follow specific rules. Visitors will not be allowed to wear high heels and they cannot wear and shiny and reflective clothing that might disrupt the sensors.

For an area of the country that is currently being plagued by drought caused by a strong El Niño weather pattern, the Rain Room might just be what the people need to get their minds off of their water problems.

Needless to say, there will at least be some rain in the region. However, it is a rain that nobody will feel.

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