Bay Area Rapid Transit Bans The Use Of Vapes On Their Trains

The public transportation service in San Francisco is putting up a fight against riders who frequently use electronic cigarettes while using their services.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit, commonly known as BART, has started to post signs that forbid the use of electronic cigarettes on their trains.

The process of using electronic cigarettes is commonly known as vaping, and the technique which produces thick visible clouds of favorable vapor can be quite obnoxious to others.

BART said of the newly posted signs, “The action was taken to update BART’s existing policy to be more in line with similar county and city-level bans, and as a courtesy to passengers who have expressed a desire for a consistent and comprehensive no-smoking policy.”

According to BART director Robert Raburn, “A number of complaints have reached the Board of Directors about people using electronic cigarettes and vaping devices on BART property. Other transit providers have enacted similar prohibitions.”

It remains to be seen if this ban will be heavily enforced. However, people who violate the policy will reportedly face a $100 fine for their first vaping offense. Getting caught vaping on BART a second time within a year will bring a $200 fine.

And should that vapor-producing individual ever get nabbed again within the next five years, they will face a $500 fine for every additional offense.

While vape-lovers will probably not be too happy about the banning, posts on Twitter indicate that most of the public will be largely supportive of the new policy.

Twitter user Alexa Ray Corriea tweeted, “Hey maybe don’t be that asshole vaping on BART? And yelling about how you can’t get fined because it’s not smoking?”

Meanwhile, Twitter user Paolo Bautista took to the social media website to express the fact that he thought it was funny when the train conductor reminded patrons that they are not allowed to vape on the train.