Britain’s Supersonic Car Will Be On Display To Raise Funds For World Record Attempt

In a PR move to help the team behind Britain’s Bloodhound Supersonic car raise the necessary funds for its attempt at breaking the world land speed record. The nearly complete car will be on public display in London. More than 8,000 people are expected to view the car at London’s Canary Wharf tomorrow and Saturday.

Bloodhound director Richard Noble said “To get us through next year, we need on the order of £17 million ($26,957,000).” To date, $61 million has been raised by the privately held team.

Noble said Bloodhound has been built to shatter the 18 year old land speed record of 763 mph held by another British car – Thrust SSC.

He said the aim is for Bloodhound to first break the 800 mph barrier with the eventual goal being to reach 1,0000 mph by 2017. The car will be driven by Royal Air Force pilot Wing Commander Andy Green, who also drove Thrust SSC to the record in 1997 at Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. Green will attempt Bloodhound’s record runs on a specially made track in South Africa.

Noble said Bloodhound has been eight years in the making from research stage, to design, to manufacturing, and now to what will be seen at Canary Wharf.

Mark Chapman, the car’s chief engineer said “It’s amazing to see it like this, away from the workshop and almost ready to go racing. I can’t wait to see people’s reaction, to see the look on their faces.”

British Defence Minister Philip Dunne was treated to a private viewing of the car as his Government is an in-kind sponsor, providing military engineers to help assemble the car. The vehicle will also be used as part of the ‘Great British Campaign’ through which ministers promote the country overseas.

Dunne called Bloodhound the “next incredible chapter in UK engineering’s quest to be better and to go faster”.

“This is British manufacturing at its best, backing a British endeavour which the government is proud to support,” he said. “Over 350 firms, big and small, have helped create Bloodhound, with persistent help from military engineers from the Army and RAF. Bloodhound’s story of pioneering research, cutting-edge technology and mind-bending performance is already inspiring the engineers of tomorrow.”

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