Bush Launches Attack Ads, Tweets, Against Trump As Gloves Come Off In GOP Race

Bush Launches Attack Ads, Tweets, Against Trump As Gloves Come Off In GOP Race

The Jeb Bush presidential campaign gloves came off Tuesday as he attacked fellow Republican White House candidate Donald Trump by accusing him of being an unabashed liberal, a label which experts say Trump has been trying to distance himself from.

The accusations came in a video titled “The Real Donald Trump,” in which in two separate spots, the billionaire candidate says he has “lived in New York and Manhattan my whole life” and that “my views are a little bit different than if I had lived in Iowa”.

Accompanying text says “Liberal Things That Trump Says,” before changing to “Liberal Things That Trump Believes.” , references to Trump having in the past made a point of holding eclectic policy views.

In a clip from a 1999 “Meet the Press” interview, Trumps tells interviewer Tim Russert that he is “very pro-choice,” ,a complete different view from what he said a decade later when he announced that he opposed abortion except in cases of incest and rape, or to protect the life and health of the mother.

The video also highlights Trump’ singing the praises of single-payer health care systems in Scotland and Canada during last month’s Republican Party presidential nominee debate.

In the Bush camp released video, Trump is also shown in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in 2007 during which he says Hillary Clinton, now his biggest rival for the Presidency, “would do a good job” negotiating a deal with Iran, and then later saying he sees himself as being more of a Democrat than a Republican.

The video also notes Trump was a registered Democratic voter in 2001.

The video was released through Bush’s Twitter account in which he tweeted “Why are you a Republican @realDonaldTrump…The answer is, you’re not.”.

Trump fired back a three tweet salvo within a minute of Bush’s tweet hitting cyberspace, calling the video a “weak hit by a candidate with a failing campaign.”

The release of the video comes at a time when Trump has increased his lead over Bush in polls and has been needling the former Governor of Florida for having too easy a stance on illegal immigrants.

Bush is scheduled to spend over $10 million this month on video advertising and it appears much of that spend will go towards negative attack ads on Trump.

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