Canada Opens Doors To 25,000 Syrian Refugees

Thousands of Syrian refugees will soon find a new home in Canada, as the recently elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the liberal government have promised to take in 25,000 refugees before the end of February. The process of relocating the refugees has already been started.

The first wave of refugees was transported by the Canadian military on Thursday, as the refugees traveled from Jordan to Toronto. In the coming days, they will be resettled throughout the country. A second wave of refugees is set to arrive on Sunday.

According to Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum, ten Canadian provinces are in favor of accepting refugees from the Middle East.

McCallum said, “This is a great moment for Canada. This shows the way we really are. It truly is a non-partisan, national project.”

McCallum added that about 800 refugees are being screened in the Middle East on a daily basis for possible relocation to Canada.

“We want them to have a roof over their head, and the right support. It takes a bit of time to put that all in place. We’re happy to take a little more time than originally planned to bring our new friends into the country,” he said.

This week, about 300 Syrians will arrive in Canada. On Thursday, Prime Minister Trudeau was at the Toronto Pearson International Airport to greet the newcomers to Canada.

Meanwhile, in the United States, officials of the Obama administration have said that the country will take in 10,000 refugees over the course of next year. However, some Republican governors are trying to prevent the refugees from coming to their states.

Furthermore, frontrunner Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump caused embarrassment for the country after saying that all Muslims should be barred from entering the United States. Trump made his comments following the recent attack in San Bernardino, CA.

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