Chaos In Dallas As Armed Attackers Assault Police Headquarters

Chaos In Dallas As Armed Attackers Assault Police Headquarters

Unknown attackers unleashed gunfire on Dallas police headquarters early Saturday morning, driving up in an armored van. They then proceeded to ram a squad car as they fled, according to authorities.

Police returned fire, causing what appears to be one individual to be separated from the group who left in the armored vehicle. Police would not confirm whether that suspect was apprehended.

Four suspicious bags were found after the attack near the headquarters with at least one containing explosives. The police headquarters has been evacuated as a result.

An explosives handling robot was destroyed as the package blew up when it was approached, said Maj. Max Geron in a tweet.

Police Chief David Brown believes that “there might be up to four suspects,” who used automatic weapons to attack the police building. Shooters were both inside and outside the armored van.

While windows were shattered and bullets pierced squad cars, no one was injured in the attack.

Police gave chase to the van, with the attackers and officers exchanging gunfire in the chase. Police have now cornered the van in a fast food restaurant parking lot near the interstate.

“There is currently a standoff with what appears to be an armored vehicle in the Dallas suburb of Hutchins, Texas, around I-20 and I-45,” said Maj. Max Geron.

A SWAT team is negotiating with a single suspect, who gave the name James Boulware. While police found a previous record of domestic violence by a man under that name, they cannot confirmed the man’s real identity. The suspect has informed police that he was angry because they took away his child and deemed him to be a terrorist.

He broke off negotiations and threatened to blow police up, Brown said.

Dallas police stations and Dallas City Hall have been put under high security as a result of the attack.