UPDATED: At Least 60 People Killed In Three Separate Terror Attacks On Paris

UPDATED: At Least 60 People Killed In Three Separate Terror Attacks On Paris

Update: Paris police confirm at least 60 are now reported killed in the deadly attacks.

Paris is in shock and chaos this evening after the city suffered three coordinated attacks. The attackers reportedly used AK-47 automatic weapons and explosives.

Two explosions were reported at the Stade de France and at least 18 people were killed in shootings in central Paris. The attacks occurred late in the evening Paris local time.

Local TV broadcaster BFMTV said there was a hostage standoff at one site and an ongoing hostage situation at a theater named Bataclan.

French President Francois Hollande was at the stadium at the time of the attacks watching France play Germany in a friendly soccer match. The stadium was placed on lockdown amid fears of more explosions and President Hollande left to go to the Interior Ministry.

The shootings occurred in the 10th arrondissement, located on the banks of the River Seine. The area is known for its vibrant restaurant scene and was packed with patrons at the time of the attack. The area was immediately evacuated and emergency responders are now on the scene tending to the injured.

A witness told BFMTV that firefighters were on the scene to treat the injured.

Paris suffered two attacks earlier this year by radical Muslims. One targeted a satire magazine that had published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed while the other targeted a Jewish grocery store.

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