Cockroaches Offer Humans Unexpected Uses And Innovations

While cockroaches are usually associated with filth and grime, they might actually be the secret to creating new antibiotics and preventing disease. Additionally, they can offer other beneficial purposes as well.

In the environment, the vast majority of cockroaches consume dead and decaying matter, essentially making them nature’s cleanup crew. In fact, only four of the more than 4,500 known species of cockroaches are considered to be pests.

While most people think of cockroaches as dull and ugly, some species feature complex designs with bright colors and patterns. Some can even make peaceful humming sounds that delight listeners. In Cuba, some people even keep cockroaches as pets.

Robotics experts have studied cockroaches in order to learn about the way that they can easily transcend through many different types of terrains. They are incredibly stable creatures, and scientists envy their maneuverability. Some researchers believe that they might contain the secret to developing futuristic prosthetic limbs.

Even rescue teams are making use of cockroaches. They often attach tiny computers on the back of cockroaches and have them explore hard to access areas, such as collapsed buildings and broken sewers.

In China, students from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University controlled cockroaches using their minds by transmitting brain waves to cockroaches in the form of electrical impulses. They were able to navigate the cockroach through tunnels by simple thinking of where to go.

Health researchers have long respected the cockroach for its ability to live in dirty environments. They have used the creatures to develop strong antibiotics to fight diseases. More work is continuing to be conducted in this field, as health experts believe that cockroaches could help to put an end to dangerous bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli and more.

Even in the 1800s, people were making use of cockroaches. In many southern parts of the United States, people used “cockroach tea” to treat tetanus, and the remedy was apparently quite successful.

To this day, people in China use cockroaches to treat gastroenteritis, and doctors say that the technique works extremely well.

Because of the myriad of potential uses for cockroaches, many people keep farms of the insects so that they can be easily obtained. One cockroach farmer in China says that he maintains up to 22 million cockroaches at any given time.

And for many people, cockroaches are a food source. In fact, many Chinese people consider them to be a delicacy. They double-fry the insects in hot oil in order to give them a crispy outside and an inside that has a texture similar to that of cottage cheese.

So with all of the amazing uses for cockroaches, maybe people should offer more respect towards the insects. They are much more than just mere unwanted pests.

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