Colombian Military Assassins Have Reportedly Been Sent To Mexico To Kill Drug Lord El Chapo Guzman

Colombian soldiers are reportedly in Mexico with the goal of killing the world’s most powerful drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

So far the manhunt launched by the Mexican government to recapture Guzman has not produced any results. Guzman is believed to be hiding within the mountains of Mexico’s Sinaloa state where he enjoys widespread support.

Now Colombian soldiers are supposedly coming after the cartel leader, who escaped from a maximum security prison in Toluca. Guzman was widely rumored to receive help from the Mexican government, including Mexican president Peña Nieto, in an epic scandal of corruption.

An individual with ties to the cartel who was going under the name of Julio “El Tio” Martinez said, “Why would he risk his liberty going elsewhere? Here in Sinaloa he enjoys massive protection by state and federal security forces. He has all of them on his payroll. He controls the whole mountain range from Jesus Maria all the way up to Badiraguato, where he was born.”

Guzman, along with his partner Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, reportedly controls the entire drug trade within in Jesus Maria. Both men have families in the region.

One of Guzman’s sons recently tweeted from Costa Rica that he was with his father and that the two were at a local restaurant.

Meanwhile Guzman’s lawyer, Juan Pablo Badillo, stated that Columbia soldiers have traveled to Mexico in order to assassinate his client. Badillo said, “This is a critical moment for him. He’s living under the sword of Damocles.”

Badillo has reportedly filed two judicial requests, suggesting that the government should stop looking for Guzman. Badillo is fearful for the life of his client, and he wants the government to make efforts to protect Guzman.

Right before Guzman’s prison escape, his defense team was able to receive an injunction from the court which protects Guzman from being extradited, tortured, or killed. According to this injunction, even if Guzman is found, they would be unable to kill, torture, or extradite him. This injunction was signed by three Mexican federal judges.