Constrictive EU Policy Will See Countries Lose Control Of Borders, Even If Governments Object

The European Union is proposing the establishment of a standing European border force that would have the authority to take control over the borders of any European Union country, even if the country’s government objects to the move. If such a force is created, European Union countries will lose a tremendous amount of sovereignty.

As part of this plan, the European Commission would replace the Frontex border agency with a newly established permanent border force and coast guard. These groups would be instructed to fully obey the commission.  

The only countries that would be able to get out of this extremely restrictive scheme are Britain and Ireland. This is because Britain and Ireland have the option to opt-out of EU migration policy. However, every other EU country would be forced to accept the fact that the EU would take control of their borders.

The EU is unlikely to apply these new rules to every country all at once. It would most likely start by testing the new border policy at Greece and then expand from there. Greece is perhaps the most distressed of any EU country at the moment, and it will put up very little resistance as the government takes over its borders. From there, the project would spread until having the EU control country borders is accepted as the norm.

The EU has been trying to establish a common border force for more than 15 years. However, the union has never been able to because of strong objections from national leaders. Many consider the control over one’s borders to be a key component of sovereignty. By giving up their border controls, it’s fair to question if these states would still be considered sovereign.

With the fear from the terrorist attacks in Paris still being used to manipulate laws, the EU is taking advantage of the situation to try to put in place whatever policies they want. The move would represent another step of the EU countries literally becoming one giant EU state with no individuality or personal independence. Instead, it will just be one major European empire.

Obviously, the EU would use these proposed powers to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into Europe. The EU has stated that its individual countries simply cannot control the situation on their own and that it needs to step in. But the bigger picture is that individual European countries are losing an extremely large amount of their power. Europe really could soon become one giant police state.

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