Crabber Stumbles Upon An Exciting Find In The Chesapeake Bay

Crabber Stumbles Upon An Exciting Find In The Chesapeake Bay

Crabbers in Maryland are catching more than just crustaceans, as one crabber in the Chesapeake Bay managed to catch an expensive underwater drone. The underwater drone was a REMUS 100 model, and it was owned by the Northrop Grumman defense technology company. The drone was manufactured by Norwegian defense contractor Kosnberg Gruppen.

Crabber David Haas found the aquatic drone earlier this month. It was floating upside down in an aimless manner in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

David’s wife Laurie said to reporters, “He said it was really foggy and almost hit it. We were a little concerned because it could have been very valuable and belong to someone.”

Concerned about their unusual finding, David and Laurie returned the underwater drone to the Northrop Grumman office in Annapolis, Maryland.

Representatives for the company said that they have regularly tested the drones in the Chesapeake Bay. Other defense companies have also said that they have tested drones in the waters. Company representatives have said that it’s no surprise that the drone became lost.

According to delegates from Northrop Grumman and Konsberg Gruppen, the REMUS 100 drone is proficient at a variety of different tasks. While the drone isn’t designed for any one particular purpose, it can be used for a multitude of functions.

The REMUS 100 drone is utilized by the Navy in order to search for mines that have been placed underwater. The aquatic drone can be equipped with sonar technology in order to conduct underwater mapping.

The drone can also be used to monitor the environment. This is quite useful in the Chesapeake Bay, where pollution is said to be a large problem. In particular, the drone can be used to detect dead spots, algal blooms and reduced crab populations. With their vast array of uses, it shouldn’t come to a shock to anyone if another drone is found in the Chesapeake Bay.

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