Dangerous Business Practices Of This Supplement Company Prompts U.S. Crackdown

Dangerous Business Practices Of This Supplement Company Prompts U.S. Crackdown

Authorities in the United States are coming down hard on one dietary-supplement company as part of a massive industry sweep. The company is being accused of misleading consumers about the ingredients in their supplements and lying about their health benefits.

At least six executives from a supplement company called USPlabs were charged for allegedly importing ingredients from China and then lying about their source. Another company known as SK Laboratories is also being charged in the case. SK Laboratories makes supplements for USPlabs.

The CEO of USPlabs Jacobo Geissler and the company’s president Jonathan Doyle were among those charged in the case. Authorities also seized their assets, including several luxurious sports cars.

Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Mizer said in a statement, “These cases illustrate alarming practices the department found. These are practices that must be brought to the public’s attention so consumers know the serious health risks of untested products.”

USPlabs makes workout and weight-loss supplements called “Jack3d” and “OxyElite Pro”. These products are typically sold at stores like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. These stores have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

According to authorities, some of the products that have been sold by USPlabs have been determined to be toxic to humans.

Mizer said, “The defendants sometimes tested the products on themselves and sold the ones that made them feel good. With one product, the defendants allegedly recognized that the substance could potentially cause liver toxicity, but without causing conducting a single test, they went ahead and sold it.”

Many people who consumed OxyElite Pro experienced liver damage and developed jaundice. Some people required liver transplants. After being told by the United States Food and Drug Administration to not sell OxyElite Pro, the company quickly moved to sell as much of the dangerous supplement as possible, just so they wouldn’t lose out on the money.

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