Editorial Standards

Our mission is to provide fresh alternative insights into the latest urban news from America and around the world. Our talented team of writers and editors are constantly adapting new ways to present traditional media.


Our team of writers and editors are passionate about informing non-biased information to create a clear picture when posting. Americans.org is not involved with any political party or set values, however, we encourage our writers to practice their freedom of speech. If a team member has a strong personal belief, we will disclose this as an opinion piece to our readers. The vast majority of our content is nonpartisan, and we take pride in sharing current events and trends.

Corrections, Clarifications & Updates

Every post we write, and share represents us as an organization and the American community. Our writers and editors have a screening process and independently verify all information. If an error is brought to our attention, we make updates as efficiently as possible. Remaining transparent, we commit to communicating all changes by including revised date and time stamps. Please be aware that some older content found on americans.org may be out of date. As visitors to the site, you assume all risk and responsibility.

Sourcing & Responsibility

Our passionate writers and editors are a diverse group of voices and ideas. We will always give credit when credit is due and use proper citation. We will always respect privacy and dignity, any national or international discussion is considered public interest and americans.org has the right to present public domain. Freedom to comment will be enabled and clear warnings will be presented before graphic content. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact us.