Employees Love CEOs Who Do What’s Best For Them Above All Else

Employees Love CEOs Who Do What’s Best For Them Above All Else

The results from employment site Glassdoor’s annual CEO survey are out and they show a shocking, yet perhaps unsurprising pattern: Employees don’t care what big corporations are doing to their country.

At least not the employees – past and present – of those companies, according to Glassdoor.

The annual survey is a tally of employee feedback given to the site, where companies must have had over 100 CEO approval ratings over the last year ended April 22nd to make the list. The company with the highest overall CEO approval rating wins.

There’s some surprising results.

For one, Silicon Valley is decidedly in an echo chamber. Two of the top five CEOs on the list preside over the greatest quest in human history to remove personal privacy. Google CEO Larry Page, who’s business is selling the intimate details of your life to advertisers, was number one on the list. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is literally trying to control the entire internet via Facebook’s slimy internet.org scheme, clocked in at number four. Clearly everyone in the Valley is totally cool with abusing users if it means more stock options.

Another result that shows ‘if you’re getting paid, its OK’ is the infamous chemical company Monsanto, helmed by Hugh Grant, who came in sixth place despite continuing to sell the cancer causing Roundup pesticide and flooding the world with untested genetically modified crops, among other misdeeds.

Further confirming that money makes everything right was the criminal banking racket Goldman Sachs, who’s CEO Llyod Blankfein not only received $10 billion from the government to prevent his firm going bankruptd due to greed but also presided over one of the largest criminal rackets in history. Under his leadership, Goldman has paid nearly $10 billion in fines for a laundry list of offenses related to market rigging, lying to investors, scamming clients and avoiding prosecution. Despite all this Blankfein has nonetheless made hundreds of millions of dollars in a clear show that crime, if big enough, does indeed pay.

While more reputable companies like solar panel maker SolarCity, ethical coffee chain Starbucks and lodging site Airbnb made the list, the trend is clear: Employees, by and large, are willing to support illegal and unethical corporate behavior if it means money in their pocket.

Food for thought as you browse the full list below.