FAA Starts Taking Drone Regulation Seriously With Simple Registration Process

FAA Starts Taking Drone Regulation Seriously With Simple Registration Process

The process of registering drones is expected to become clearer thanks to new guidelines that will soon be introduced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA is currently working to establish a new policy that will require all individual drone operators to obtain a unique registration number. However, drone operators will not need to obtain a unique identifier for each individual drone.

On Friday, the FAA is expected to make the new registration guidelines available to the public. Earlier reports indicated that the FAA was going to require that drones weighing more than half a pound be registered with the government.

With the expected policy ruling, drone operators will be able to own as many drones as they would like, but they will only have to obtain a single registration code. This is expected to be mostly beneficial to people who own a large number of drones, as well as people who regularly buy and sell drones as a way of making money.   

Anyone who desires to own a drone will be required to complete a one-time online registration form. They will need to submit certain information, including their name, phone number and their address. Drone owners will not be required to pass a flying certification test.

After the form is submitted, drone owners will be given a registration number that they would mark on all of their drones. Their registration number can be placed on all of their drones using simple methods such as a sticker or a marker. From there, the drone operator would only have to visit the website in order to change personal information, such as their address. In order to sell a drone, the old owner will remove their unique identifying number, and the new owner will add their own number. It’s as simple as that.

The FAA has not yet confirmed these new policy requirements. The agency is expected to do so during the official announcement on Friday.