Facebook Owned Instagram To Start Spamming Users Who Don’t Use It Enough

In Facebook-speak spam emails are called “newsletters” and spamming is called “trying a new engagement tactic,” the company announced over the weekend.

In an effort to drive engagement (and one that shows attention paid to social networks in in decline), Instagram announced it will start sending a Twitter-like email digest of what you’ve “missed”.

Instagram’s newsletter will attempt to highlight posts a user might have missed while they were away from the app. The company recently began testing the email with select users with an eye to rolling it out to everyone in the near future.

The proposition is simple: spam people with photos they’ve been missing and they’ll open the app more often. This will in turn help Instagram’s bottom line since more people will see the ads that populate the social network.

In typical screw-the-users Facebook fashion, there’s currently no way to unsubscribe from the emails; hitting the unsubscribe button currently leads to a web page that’s ‘under construction’.

While Instagram has approximately 300 million monthly active users, many of those users only check their Instagram feed once in a while, which is likely why the company felt the need to start spamming them.

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