Ferrari Is Set To Make Its IPO And Its Owners Will Become More Ridiculously Rich

The famous luxurious sports car producer Ferrari is set to make its initial public offering. Top executives of the company will become even richer than they already were, with some of them reaching billionaire status.

Ferrari is legendary in the automotive industry, as nine of the ten most valuable automobiles ever sold in a public auction feature the Ferrari name.

In its IPO, Ferrari is going to offer 17.2 million shares for $48 to $52 each. This represents roughly 9% of the company. According to these values, the luxury car manufacturer is valued at nearly $10 billion.

Founder of brand valuation company Brand Finance David Haigh says, “The market is valuing it as a luxury-goods maker. There are very few companies this successful with that scale and capacity to become truly global luxury brands.”

However, some analysts believe that the valuation of the IPO is too high for Ferrari.

The head of automotive research at Commerzbank AG Sascha Gommel said, “It will be interesting to see what happens to the valuation over the longer term. Yes, it is a very strong brand, but I think it might be overestimated a bit. But I guess the market is just too excited.”

With the IPO, Piero Ferrari, the son of the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, is set to become a billionaire. Meanwhile, Agnelli, the owner of Fiat Chrysler, is going to become the largest shareholder of Ferrari with a 24% stake in the company. The holding company of Fiat Chrysler, Exor Spa, will possess more than 30% of Ferrari’s voting power, while Piero Ferrari will control about 15%.

The Ferrari brand has maintained loyalty throughout the years. Only 7,255 Ferraris were produced in 2014. Of those vehicles, 60% of them were purchased by existing Ferrari owners.

Ferrari has also experienced tremendous success in the racing world. The company has 16 world championships in Formula One, making it the most successful auto manufacturer in the series.

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