Google Might Kill Off Gmail …. To Replace It With Another Email Service

Google Might Kill Off Gmail …. To Replace It With Another Email Service

There could soon be a major change for Google, as rumors indicate that the company is considering dropping its extremely popular Gmail service. Google would drop its widely used email program so that it can be replaced with an entirely new service called Inbox.

Lately, Google has been encouraging its users to make the switch to “Inbox by Gmail” instead of using the traditional Gmail. This might suggest that Google is looking to phase out its Gmail service. Some have already said that this is the beginning of the end for Gmail.

Google’s Inbox app was introduced last year, and recently, Google has been demonstrating an increased amount of interest in the app. Inbox analyzes emails in order to categorize ones that might be particularly interesting to the user. The app also organizes email better than Gmail. The company has described Inbox as “the inbox that works for you”.

Another sign spelling doom for Gmail is that smartphone users are being directed to Inbox instead of Gmail. Whenever a user clicks on the Gmail app, they are shown a message saying that they should use the Inbox app instead. However, users can still use the regular Gmail app, and they can change their settings so that the recommendation to use Inbox is no longer displayed.

Still, it is looking to be increasingly likely that Gmail is being phased out in favor of Inbox. Many people believe that the Inbox app will soon become the standard program used to present emails for both Google and their Android operating system.

The user interface of Inbox is similar to that of Gmail, which should allow Gmail users to make the move with ease. Additionally, people using Inbox will be able to keep their old Gmail email addresses. However, it offers major updates when it comes to organizing emails. The previous system merely organized emails by date, and it was introduced more than 11 years ago.

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