Groundbreaking Deal May See American Vehicle Armor To Be Used By Ukrainian Military

Groundbreaking Deal May See American Vehicle Armor To Be Used By Ukrainian Military

Deals are currently in negotiation between the United States and Ukraine to bring armor upgrade kits to Ukraine that would be used on their military vehicles. The news comes after Humvees were sent to Ukraine by the United States in March. The country was apparently highly impressed with what they saw.

The Humvees were overhauled with armor, and officials refer to the creation as the “Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle”. American officials would not discuss the pending deal with Ukraine at length due to the fact that it has not been completed.

While the vehicle looks like a standard Humvee on the outside, the newly applied armor allows it withstand bomb blasts in order to protect troops. More than 2,500 American troops in Iraq were killed by bomb blasts against the vehicles that they were travelling in. The new Humvee also has a v-shaped bottom that helps divert such attacks.

The new Humvees were created by stripping down used Humvees and providing them with new power sources, suspension systems and, of course, new armor. Additionally, the fuel cells and batteries of the vehicles were repositioned to make them safer.

About 30% of the re-created vehicles are completely brand new. Despite the major increase of armor, the vehicles are still relatively light weight.

The United States is allowing the deal to take place because it considers the upgrade kits to be a defense tool rather than destructive weapons. The United States will not install the upgrade kits on the Ukrainian vehicles.

Ukraine has sought American military technology for a long time. Last February, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko attended a major convention in Abu Dhabi where he met extensively with weapons experts from the United States and Europe.

Joint projects like this will definitely strengthen the industrial ties between the two countries. Ukraine wants to improve its military power, and the United States can help them do that. However, the United States will be sure to monitor its investment.

Leaders from Ukraine have also reportedly expressed interest in drones.

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