Gun Sales Are Booming In United States After Sixth Deadliest Shooting

Gun Sales Are Booming In United States After Sixth Deadliest Shooting

With the series of recent shootings in the United States, many Americans are turning to their Second Amendment right to defend themselves by bearing arms. This has led to an increase in gun sales, despite the fact that many Americans are calling for firearms to be outlawed.

For gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, sales for 2015 are projected to increase by a massive 27% over last year. This most recent projection came just mere days after the sixth deadliest shooting to ever occur in the United States took place in San Bernardino.

Meanwhile, stock prices for gun manufacturers have greatly increased this year. Smith & Wesson is currently at an eight year high, and analysts expect more gains to come. Smith & Wesson is known for producing a third of all revolvers that are owned in America.

The recent tragedy in San Bernardino, CA isn’t the only time that a deadly shooting has led to an increase in gun sales. In 2013, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary resulted in many Americans rushing out to purchase weapons.

There are at least two distinct reasons that deadly shootings cause more people to buy guns. For one, people want to defend themselves in the event of an attack. Another reason is that people believe that such instances will cause lawmakers to outlaw firearms, and Americans want to purchase guns before they are made illegal.

With the multiple shooting outbreaks that have occurred this year, 2015 will go down as one of the best years for pistol and revolver sales in recent history. In fact, at the peak of sales, gun sellers across the country were reportedly having to conduct as many as two background checks per second. One report stated that the line at a gun shop in San Bernardino was out the door in the days following the attack.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama called for tighter restrictions on gun sales. Since Obama’s statements, gun sales have continued to increase. Needless to say, gun manufacturers are secretly thanking the President for his comments.

So far this year, there have been at least 353 mass shootings, in which at least four people were shot and killed.

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