Here’s The Evidence That NATO Is Harboring ISIS

New evidence shows that some members of NATO are supporting ISIS. Turkey is allegedly working with the terrorist organization as a means of engaging their long time enemy of the Kurdish people. This alliance leads one to believe that NATO as a whole is supporting the dangerous terrorist group.

Turkey originally became involved in the “war on terror” after a July 20 bombing that killed 33 people in the small Turkish town of Suruc. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, and Turkey used the incident as an excuse to enter the war.

Since becoming involved in the situation in Syria, Turkey has largely focused on attacking the Kurds, and they have almost completely ignored ISIS. Kurdish leaders have responded by saying that Turkey has always been an ally of the Islamic State.

It has already been shown that Turkey supports the Free Syrian Army, which is in an alliance with various terrorist groups such as the al-Nursa faction of al-Qaeda. Turkey is also involved in the effort by the United States and Saudi Arabia to supply various Syrian rebel groups with weapons, funding and training. These American-made weapons were recently used by the Free Syrian Army to destroy a Russian search and rescue helicopter.

Basically, Turkey has supported anyone in Syria who is in opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This even includes the infamous Islamic State. Russian President Vladimir Putin has even directly called out the country, saying that they have been harboring ISIS.

According to Putin, ISIS receives extremely large amounts of funding by selling oil to Turkey. Additionally, the Islamic State receives military support from many different nations, including the United States. In fact, some theorists have proposed that the United States believes that ISIS is a strategic asset.

Recently, it was discovered that the Syrian passports discovered near the dead bodies of two terrorists in Paris were fake. It is very likely that these passports were actually forged in Turkey. A report from earlier this year said that Turkey supplied ISIS with more than 100,000 phony passports. Because of this, Turkey could very well be blamed for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Additionally, a raid on an ISIS safehouse last summer found that direct dealings between Turkey and ISIS were virtually undeniable. It has also been reported that Turkey has allowed ISIS militants to freely travel through Turkey, stopping at various safe houses along the way. Former members of ISIS have even stepped forward in saying that ISIS is in full cooperation with Turkey. Some reports show that Turkey has been smuggling weapons to terrorist groups in Syria as early as 2011.

Turkish officials have already stated that the country has supplied weapons to various Syrian rebel groups. However, they have declined to identify which groups were given the weapons. It is very likely that ISIS is among these groups.

A big part of Turkish support for ISIS has been through black market oil sales. Senior politicians and intelligence sources in both Turkey and Iraq have confirmed that ISIS oil sales have been facilitated by Turkish authorities. Some experts have estimated that Turkey has sold ISIS oil in excess of $1 billion.

Turkish doctors have routinely offered treatment to wounded ISIS soldiers. Representatives from the Turkish Ministry of Health said that it was their duty to care for the wounded, regardless of their origin.  

Perhaps most troubling is that countries such as the United States are major allies of Turkey, which is clearly supporting the Islamic State. Without assistance from Turkey, it is likely that much of the infrastructure of ISIS would collapse.

Instead of going all out to destroy ISIS using any means necessary, one must wonder why NATO doesn’t simply cut off support. Using this logic, it suggests that all of NATO, including the United States, is actually an ally of ISIS in some fashion.

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