Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Is Dropping Fast In Iowa While Bernie Sanders’ Is Surging

Bernie Sanders is fast catching up to Hillary Clinton and could just beat her, according to a new poll from Iowa. The Vermont senator has seen his favorability and polling figures rise tremendously in the state since earlier in the year as Clinton’s continue to drop. Analysts have predicted the trend my signal another overtaking of Clinton, much like what happened in 2008.

In a poll released on Saturday, conducted by Ann Selver for Bloomberg and the Des Moines Register, 404 likely Democratic caucus goers were surveyed on their choice for Democratic presidential candidate.

Results revealed that while Clinton remained in the lead with 37 percent, Sanders had gained incredible ground, polling in at 30 percent.

The results indicate that Clinton has lost ground in Iowa, and up to a third of her support base has fled. This is the very first instance Clinton has fallen behind the majority in an Iowa poll. Analysts say if the trend continues, Clinton could lose out on one of the key crucibles in the run up to the democratic Presidential ticket.

Clinton’s favorability ratings have also received a beating. In the poll, 77 percent of caucus goers had a favorable view of her against 19 percent who did not. In June, the figures were at 88 percent for and 10 percent against.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ favorability has increased from just 37 percent in January to 73 percent in the recent poll, sparked by an increased liking by first time caucus goers.

Selzer said of the poll results, “This feels like 2008 all over again.” She was referring to the Democratic match up between then senator Barrack Obama and Clinton where though Clinton had enjoyed a solid lead, Obama capitalized on first time caucus goers and young voters. By November, he was in the lead.

According to Democratic strategist Steve McMahon, “These numbers would suggest that she can be beaten. But it’s still early, and Hillary Clinton’s done this before. She knows what it takes to win.”

Vice President Joe Biden, who has not formally announced his candidature, was third with 14 percent. Other Democratic candidates including former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb could not get 5 percent of the vote.

Clinton may be in the lead but her competition is not lying on their laurels waiting for her to be handed an easy ticket. The Democratic frontrunner needs to step up her efforts to win and win convincingly in Iowa, lest she get struck by Iowa’s lightning the second time.

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