Hope Vs Hate: How Big Money Republican Donors Are Trying To Bring Down Trump

Hope Vs Hate: How Big Money Republican Donors Are Trying To Bring Down Trump

Donald Trump is currently one of the most polarizing figures in all of politics, and many major Republican donors are spending large amounts of money to prevent the businessman and reality television star from winning the Republican nomination. The donors have worked together to create an advertising campaign that attacks the current Republican frontrunner. The group against Trump is calling themselves New Day for America.

Spokesperson for New Day for America Matt David has said that ten new donors have supported their effort since the group announced plans to campaign against Trump in New Hampshire. New Day for America is officially in support of Republican candidate John Kasich for president. However, some of the people who have donated to New Day for America support other candidates such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. It seems that they have found a common enemy in Trump.

David has stated that his group would create advertisements for both television and the radio. They would also send direct mailings to people in New Hampshire. The campaign is being created by California marketing company Strategic Perception. None of the material has been released at this time. According to David, the group plans to spend $2.5 million on advertisements in the state of New Hampshire. In the past two days alone, New Day for America has received more than $1 million in pledges.

A spokesperson for Donald Trump declined to comment on the situation. Trump is currently leading Republican polls nationwide. He is also the favorite in many critical early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Despite negative news regarding his business record and backlash from potentially offensive statements, Trump’s numbers have continued to rise.

However, support for Trump may finally be starting to weaken. Last week, Trump said that he supports a plan that would require all Muslims in America to register in a special database. His comments attracted major public criticism and intense attacks from his Republican rivals.

Californian donor to New Day for America Jeff Le Sage said, “I am 100 percent behind Jeb Bush and I’m supporting his effort but I’m also contributing to New Day for America because the educated people in this country, those who believe in hope, not hate, need to say enough is enough and stand up to Donald Trump.”

Time will tell if New Day for America is able to put a dent in the momentum of Donald Trump.

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