Hungary Shuts Borders Starting At Midnight To Halt Migrants From Croatia

Hungary Shuts Borders Starting At Midnight To Halt Migrants From Croatia

Earlier today, Hungarian officials said it would close its border with Croatia at midnight in an effort to “crackdown” on the flow of refugee migrants into the country. Europe still does not know what to do with the migrants or how to handle the situation. Hungary’s move comes one month after its government shut down its border with Serbia to hundreds of thousands of migrants – many of them Syrian war refugees.  

In an effort to secure the borders of Europe from mostly Muslim migrants who supposedly pose a threat to security, prosperity and Europe’s “Christian values,” Hungary has erected a steel fence almost the entire length of the southern region.

On Friday, the flow of migrants continue without stoppage over the borders of Croatia and Hungary. On some days, between 5,000 and 8,000 migrants are picked up by busses on the Hungarian side of the border and driven north to Austria. Many of the migrants are trying to reach Germany.

A spokesman for the Croatian government stated that, “Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic is in contact with his Slovenian counterpart Miro Cerar. The Croatian government already has a plan agreed with Slovenia. In the event of Hungary shutting the border, Croatia will start implementing that plan in coordination with Slovenia.”

One migrant who has two young children told reporters that, “We are the last refugees. Winter is coming, so we will together arrive in Germany before that, Inshallah.”

The European Union has reached a deal – resisted by some of its member countries in eastern Europe –  to “share” 120,000 refugees, which only represent a small percentage of the approximately 700,000 people expected to migrate to Europe this year alone.

In Hungary, those migrants who try to breach the steel fence are rounded up, put on trial and in expelled from the country.

The Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar warned that Slovenia would move to reinforce its own borders if other countries, including Austria, tried to stem the flow of migrants. He told reporters that, “We cannot allow Slovenia to be flooded by an uncontrolled number of refugees or migrants.”

The crisis continues.

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