IPhone Admits To Misleading IPhone 6 6S Plus Misleading Battery Meters

It turns out that the battery meter from your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S+ smartphone might not be very honest. Apple has come forward and admitted that there is a bug with the battery meter of its latest model of smartphone, in that the 6S versions of the iPhone display a higher battery charge than the phone actually has.

As a result of the error, the battery meter fails to update the phone’s displayed percentage of charge remaining. Some phones have even been known to shut down due to a lack of power, even though a full 100% charge is displayed on the screen.

Apple says that the bug occurs when users manually adjust the time on the smartphones or cause automatic adjustments to the time by moving between time zones. As a result, most people have experienced the problem around time adjustments around daylight savings time or while traveling.

While Apple is currently working on a more substantial patch to fix the problem, users can fix the issue by restarting their iPhones and then enabling the automatic time setting within the phone’s “Date & Time” settings.

This is not the first time that Apple has had problems associated with the time and date settings of its iPhone. The smartphones have been known to contain a bug associated with their automatic daylight savings adjustment that would result in alarms not functioning. This caused many users to be late for work and other appointments. Additionally, in 2013, the daylight savings adjustment created an error in which anyone could crash an iPhone with the use of a text message.

It is expected that the upcoming update to Apple’s iOS operating system should fix the issue. The new version, iOS 9.3, is currently in public beta testing, and it should be fully available very soon. Version 9.3 will fix various bugs and add a new feature that filters out blue light when in night mode. Users will also be able to pair multiple Apple Watches with a single iPhone.

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