Iran Just Violated Nuke Deal With Purchased Airline To Help Syria And Russia

In a violation of a recent deal that was supposed to limit Iran’s military activity, the country has purchased a large passenger jet from Great Britain so that it can fly troops in and out of Syria more easily. Additionally, Iran is receiving assistance from Russia so that the country can become more involved in the Syrian conflict.

Iran plans to use this aircraft in order to deliver troops and supplies to Syria. The country will offer its full support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters.

The recent nuclear deal for Iran represented a promise by the country to put an end to its nuclear program. In exchange, the country would have several sanctions lifted. However, the recent activity out of Iran is in clear violation of this agreement.

Iran has shown that it will do whatever it takes to keep President Assad in power, even if it means violating its recent nuclear agreement. The country has the complete backing of the Russian government in this regard.

Meanwhile, other countries such as the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are adamant that President Assad cannot be allowed to continue his rule in Syria. It’s looking more and more like Russia and Iran will be willing to engage United States forces in order to protect Assad’s presidency.

In a major violation of the nuclear deal, Iran was permitted last month to test fire a ballistic missile. The country had the support of Russia in this testing. With Russia having a seat on the United Nations Security Council, it’s almost as though Iran has one as well. Iran is basically able to get away with whatever it wants, making its recent nuclear agreement worthless.

As for the sale of the aircraft, representatives of the State Department of the United States have said that they are investigating the transaction. According to the nuclear agreement, Iran has been forbidden from buying military aircrafts from the United States and Europe.

At the present time, Iran has still not convinced inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency that the country has ended its nuclear program.

Additionally, Iran has made other major aircraft purchases in recent months. The country has already started using these aircrafts to fly to Damascus, Syria in order to offer military aid in the war.

Most of these operations have been conducted by the Iranian Airline known as Mahan Airlines. The airline operates closely in conjunction with the Quds Forces of Iran. Many of these flights have been known to turn off their radar when flying over Syrian airspace.

Mahan Airlines has been closely watched by the United States for years. In 2011, the airline was suspected of being involved in a plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to America.

However, some people have criticized the policy which dictates which airplanes Iran can and cannot purchase. This policy could seriously prevent Iran from modernizing its commercial airlines fleet, which could eventually become a major safety hazard.

Still, many people simply find it ironic and laughable that Iran is supporting Syria and Russia by using an aircraft that they purchased from a major western power in Great Britain. It all goes to show that the situation in Syria is getting increasingly out of control.

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