Iran Recently Showed North Koreans Nuclear Facility Three Times Despite U.S. Nuke Deal Talks

Fresh reports have emerged that Iran is not just looking to develop nuclear weapons but that its interested in selling them to other rogue nations, including highly provocative and increasingly unstable North Korea.

According to reports released Thursday a team of North Korean nuclear warhead and ballistic missile specialist visited a military base in Iran at the end of April, not even three weeks after President Barack Obama’s announcement of a framework agreement with Iran over its nuclear program. The report was released by an Iranian dissident group with sources inside the Islamic nation.

The group, named The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), detailed that a seven member delegation from North Korea’s army visited Iran during the last week of April, the third time they visited Iran this year alone.

“The delegates included nuclear experts, nuclear warhead experts and experts in various elements of ballistic missiles including guidance systems,” the NCRI said.

The NCRI has sources in Iran, even inside the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.

“Tehran has shown no interest in giving up its drive to nuclear weapons,” NCRI spokesman Shahin Gobadi warned.

The NCRI sources indicated that the North Korean delegation was taken in secret to the Imam Khomenei complex, a site controlled by the Defense Ministry, east of Tehran. The group provided detailed accounts of locations and who the officials met in order to substantiate their claims.

The units the delegation visited are under United States sanctions. The facility researches and manufactures interior parts of nuclear warheads, sophisticated technology the Koreans may not be able to currently produce.

The NCRI is a credible source, having exposed Iran’s once clandestine uranium enrichment facility at Natanz as well as the heavy water plant at Arak.

While Iran helps the North Koreans acquire weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. and allies are hurrying to meet a June 30th deadline to reach a comprehensive agrement over Iran’s nuclear program.

Secretary of State John Kerry is will meet Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Saturday and it seems likely the North Koreans will be on the agenda.

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