Iran Releases Photos Of Massive Missile Stockpile In Underground Facility

Iran Releases Photos Of Massive Missile Stockpile In Underground Facility

Iran has released photographs from the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), showing a major stockpile of the country’s missiles.

The photographs show a tunnel that was reportedly dug 1,640 feet underneath a mountain. The tunnel contains one of Iran’s missile facilities.

The pictures come just a few days after Iranian state media reported that the country had recently tested new long-range ballistic missiles.

Officials in the United States believe that the recent test was in violation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929, which states that Iran is not allowed to engage in activities regarding the usage or possession of ballistic missiles.

However, the test was not in violation of nuclear restrictions that have been placed on Iran.

Meanwhile, a newer Resolution from the United Nations Security Council that bans Iran from getting involved in activities concerning ballistic missiles that have been designed to carry nuclear warheads has not yet been placed into effect. This resolution is numbered as 2231.

A senior general of the Iranian military told Iranian state media outlets that the country is completely overhauling its missile technology. Its old stockpile will be replaced with newer weapons.

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said, “As of next year, a new and advanced generation of long-range liquid and solid fuel missiles will replace the current products. The missiles in various ranges are mounted on the launchers in all bases and (are) ready to be launched.”

The facility that was shown was only one of Iran’s many missile stockpile locations.

Officials in Iran have stated that all military bases of the United States in the Middle East are within the range of Iranian missiles.

Recently a major deal was reached between Iran and some major world powers, which will lift international sanctions on Iran, while also putting restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program. The deal is designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

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