Iranian General Warns Enemies After A Satellite And Aircraft Deal With Russia

Today, a high ranking Iranian official warned that Iran will deliver a “crushing response” to any nation that “attempts” to wage war against it.
Although this is appears to be the usual Iranian beating-of-chest war rhetoric, middle east experts say the timing of the threat from Iran’s Army Ground Force Operation head General Seyed Ali

Mehrabi is interesting. The announcement follows news that Iran has purchased Russian aircraft and satellite systems to the tune of $21 billion and had also agreed on joint development projects for aircraft engine production and helicopter design.

According to Iranian officials the deal was struck after Iranian officials visited Russia’s recent MAKS-2015 international air show.

“The enemy is aware that Iran is an important place for all Muslims and an influential country in the region and even the world, given its great capacities. Our armed forces have proved that if the enemy makes a mistake, they will give a strong and crushing response to them with all their power,” said Mehrabi.

Experts say the General’s posturing could have been bolsted by the recent purchases, which although confirmed by Iranian technology and aviation official Manouchehr Manteghi, have not been itemized.

There was speculation during the MAKS-2015 air show that Iran was among the first potential buyers of the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A (Il-476) turboprop military transport aircraft, which is expected to be ready for export in 2017.

Last month Iranian Vice President Sorena Sattari confirmed Iran was engaged in talks with Russia on purchasing military aircraft and using Russian rocket carriers to launch satellites into orbit. At the same time, news broke of Russia supplying weapons, including anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria.

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