Is Free Wi-Fi Really Free?

Sitting in a hotel room and you notice “free wi-fi” but are you second guessing what “free” really means?

is free wi-fi really free?
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Having to pay for Internet service at your hotel can be pretty annoying. So, when you are in your hotel room and you notice a “free wi-fi” network, it is very tempting to log on. But beware of these supposedly free networks!

Many of these advertised free hotspots are scams, and the thieves running the operation will collect all the data you submit through the wi-fi signal. If the advertised network does not ask for a password, this should be a red flag.

Before you connect to a network, free or otherwise, make sure it is legitimate. Talk to the hotel staff and inquire about preferred networks.

While you should enjoy your travels thoroughly, it is prudent to be aware of possible scams out there. Be safe and enjoy your trip!

is free wi-fi really free

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