ISIS Claims Responsibility For Sinking Egyptian Warship

Islamic State (ISIS) militants claimed responsibility for a high impact rocket attack on a packed Egyptian navy vessel which completely destroyed the ship. The attack illustrated just how technologically advanced and confident the jihadist terror group, responsible for the deaths of thousands across the world, has grown and why new methods of fighting them are needed.

“The Sinai Province”, an Islamic State affiliate operating in Egypt, just off the coast of Israel and Gaza, was the group behind Thursday’s attack on a docked Egyptian ship. In claiming responsibility for the attack, the affiliate posted photos on social media depicting a rocket just moments before it crashed into the ship, causing a huge explosion and inferno that razed the navy vessel to ashes. Crew members scrambled overboard to save themselves and were reportedly picked up by other navy vessels.

Egypt’s military command did confirm the attack, adding that the coastal guard exchanged fire with the “terrorist elements.” They confirmed that there were some casualties but no lives were lost.

“The Sinai Province” has proven to be the most lethal militia group operating in the Northern African country. The group has stepped up attacks on the Egyptian government, spurring an insurgency that has claimed the lives of many innocent civilians. On July 1, the group killed 17 soldiers on the Egyptian peninsula. Earlier, it claimed responsibility for the murder of Egypt’s top state prosecutor Hisham Barakat and the killing of 21 soldiers in Sheikh Zuwaid, a town in Sinai.

The latest attack was the first attack at sea in over two years of the group’s extremist activities. It was intended to showcase the group’s growing military prowess and make a statement. One that has drawn the attention of the whole world and gotten the Egyptian military worried. Egyptians have been left worried over how long these terror attacks will continue before someone puts an end to them.

Islamic State backed terror groups have devolved terror activities to places once considered safe. Their growing military might and brazen display of muscle are intended to cause terror and panic among the ordinary citizens. More effort is required in stemming the growth of terror groups and their affiliates before more lives are lost.

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