ISIS Executes 10 Afghanis For Conspiring With U.S. Military To Launch Drone Strikes

Jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS) released a video recording revealing the brutal killing of 10 people in Afghanistan for ‘apostasy.’ In a formal statement, the terrorist faction has claimed that it blew up the ten men as punishment for planning to execute a drone attack against the militant group in a plot that was allegedly sponsored by the United States.

According to the statement released by the extremist group, the 10 men were from three different ethnic groups from Nangarhar, Afghanistan. A number of elders of the ethnic groups were among those cruelly executed, the jihadist group said.

In the ISIS video recording, the Afghan victims can be seen being compelled to kneel down on active landmines that then exploded, killing the men instantly.

Following the publication of the disturbing video, ISIS faced harsh criticism from more than a few quarters, including the Taliban, which described ISIS as ‘ignorant and irresponsible.’ ISIS has now given explanation for its action.

In an announcement that appeared on social media, the Sunni jihadist group has clarified that the 10 men were punished for organizing drone attacks against the group, with the help of the United States.

U.S forces operate extensive drone patrols in Afghanistan’s rugged mountains.

According to the terror group members of three ethnic groups met with Afghan officials and the Taliban, conspiring to drive ISIS out from Afghanistan’s Mamand region.

The announcement, which has been extensively shared among ISIS supporters and sympathizers on social media, says that the tribal factions agreed to accept the help of United States drones during the planned attack on Mamand.

In recent months, the jihadist group has been expanding in Afghanistan, where a number of Taliban members have worked closely with the Sunni group. The encroachment into Afghanistan, the traditional stronghold of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, has caused skirmishes between the two groups as they battle for supremacy in the region.

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