ISIS Has Committed Over Five Million Human Rights Abuses In Five Months

The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq (IHCHR) released a statement on Friday that it estimates the Islamic State, known as ISIS, has perpetrated at least five million human right abuses in just five months.

Among the most serious acts are mass rapes and genocide.

Fazel Ghazawi, head of the UN agency, said the jihadists have committed crimes against women, children, and people with disabilities.

“Some of these brutal crimes can be considered as genocide,” read the statement.

Over the course of five months, according to the IHCHR, the extremists have committed 22,000 murder attempts leading to the deaths of at least 8,047 people and 14,487 injuries.

Just last Wednesday, The Iraqi Ministry of Health began exhuming a mass grave containing over 470 people killed by the Islamic State group in Salahaddin province. More than 1,700 army trainees are believed to have been killed when ISIS militants took the area last year.

The IHCHR also noted that the radical Islamists have brutally targeted Iraq’s native religious minorities, including Christians and followers of the ancient Yazidi faith.

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