Japanese Men Detained In China For Alleged Spying

Two Japanese men have been arrested in China on suspicions of spying. Japan has said that these men have been held in captivity since May, and Japanese diplomats are doing everything in their power to help the imprisoned men.

Japanese media sources have stated that the two men in question were from the private sector.

One of the men was arrested in the province of Liaoning, which is located in northeast China near its border with North Korea. The other man was separately detained near a military facility in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang. Both men are reportedly in their 50s.

China is reportedly determining whether or not the men were working for the Japanese government.

Japan has been informed by China of the present situation. A press conference was held by Japan in Tokyo to discuss the issue.

Rumors are circulating of a third imprisoned Japanese person, but the Japanese government has said that they are only aware of two at this time.

Japan has insisted that it was not spying on China and that it is not spying on any other country. Japan believes that authorities in China are simply making excuses to link the men to spying.

The man arrested in Zhejiang near a military facility was not living in China, but rather he was simply visiting from Japan. Analysts believe that his release will take a large amount of time and effort from the Japanese government.

Chinese president Xi Jinping has stated that the country has been increasing its watch of foreign organizations and visitors. Officials have said that foreign visitors will be closely monitored.

In 2010, four Japanese nationals were detained temporarily in China under the suspicion that they had entered a military zone and took photographs.

Last week, China said that it had been investigating an American woman who came into China in March for supposedly committing actions that were a threat to Chinese security.

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