Latest Polls Show Trump Pulling Away From The Rest Of The GOP Field

Latest Polls Show Trump Pulling Away From The Rest Of The GOP Field

Donald Trump continues to gain support in his bid to become President of the United States. According to a new CNN/ORC Poll, Trump has become the first Republican candidate to achieve more than 30% support. With this increase in support, Trump is pulling away from the rest of the other GOP candidates.

Since August, Trump has gained 8 points, and he currently sits at 32%. His support has tripled since he launched his campaign last June.

Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is in second place at 19%, rising 10 points. Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush sits at 9%, down 4 points. Ted Cruz is in fourth at 7%. Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker are tied at 5%. Every other Republican candidate has 3% or less.

Trump’s increase in support comes from groups that had been difficult for him in the early portions of his campaign.

These groups include women and people with college degrees. He only gained 4 points among men from last month, but he’s up 13 points among women. Currently, 31% of men and 33% of women support Trump. Meanwhile the percent of people with college degrees who support Trump rose from 16% in August to 28% now. He also has the support from 33% of individuals without college degrees.

Another noteworthy statistic is that Trump has the support from 41% of Republicans who support the tea party movement, leading all Republican candidates by a large margin.

Carson’s increase in support has mostly come through core partisans. Since August, he is up 13 points among Republicans and 11 points among conservatives. He has the support of 28% of white evangelicals. Republicans are also very enthusiastic about the idea of Carson leading the GOP ticket. Currently, 43% of Republicans say they would be enthusiastic if Carson became the Republican presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Trump sits at 40%. Only 20% of Republicans say they would be disappointed if Carson was chosen, while 32% say the same about Trump.

Most Republican voters believe that Trump will become the GOP winner. Currently, 51% of Republicans believe Trump will win. This figure is well-above every other candidate. Second place is Jeb Bush at 19%, and third place is Carson at 11%. Notably, Scott Walker sat at 14% in July. That figure has since been reduced to just 1%.

If things continue the way they are, it appears very likely that Donald Trump will be representing the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential election. However, the former businessman will have to fend off Ben Carson and other challengers first.

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