Marijuana Gains More Traction As 58% Of Americans Support Its Legalization

According to a recent Gallup poll that took place earlier this month, over 58% of Americans believe that marijuana use should be legal in the United States. This represents a number that has steadily increased over time. In fact, in 1969, only 12% of Americans believed that marijuana use should be legal.

Many states and cities have heard their citizens and are considering changing their current laws regarding marijuana possession and use. As of now, four states and the District of Columbia have adopted laws that makes the recreational use of marijuana legal. As far as the federal level, it remains illegal to use marijuana, but many of the 2016 presidential candidates have addressed the issue. Those who have expressed a supporting opinion believe that states should be allowed to make their own laws about it.

As might be expected, Democrats, independents and younger Americans constitute the majority of supporters for legalizing marijuana use. Older Americans and Republicans are less likely to support the change.

However, the support for legalization of marijuana use has increased across the board for all age groups. Moreover, as certain generations grow older, they are more likely to demonstrate support for the changes. It is predicted that the trend will continue into the future. As of now, more than seven in 10 of young adults support legalization.

Presently, senior citizens consist of the only age group where the majority of people oppose the legalization of pot.

As a result of these trends, it is likely that state and local governments will face increasing pressure to loosen restrictions on recreational marijuana use. Some states may go as far as Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, which have made the recreational use of pot completely legal.

In fact, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has led to an industrial real estate boom in Denver. Several industrial buildings (about 1 in 11) house marijuana growing facilities. Oftentimes, marijuana growing and storage tenants will pay two to three times the rent in order to lease space. Many states may see the legalization of marijuana as a catalyst to boost the economy.

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