McDonald’s Is A Dying Brand That Is Forever Stuck With An Outdated Company Image

Some owners of McDonald’s franchises believe that the company is on its last legs, and it’s really not much of a surprise.

The news comes as the top management for the company recently made the decision to stop its monthly report of sales figures. Given the fast-food giant’s rapidly declining sales, it’s no surprise that they don’t want their sales released to the public.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s is getting desperate to stay afloat. The company recently announced an all-day breakfast program, but it doesn’t look like Egg McMuffins will be enough to save the dying brand.

With the widespread trend of people wanting to live healthier lifestyles, McDonald’s perception of being an artery-clogging powerhouse is not good for business. Despite all of its attempts to alter public opinion, the brand is too old and too established to change its image.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it would be shrinking for the first time ever, as more than 700 underperforming locations were set to be shut down.

And of course, franchise owners are taking notice. The owners say that the outlook for the company has been declining for several years and that things are continuing to get worse for McDonald’s. Reports indicate that as many as 30% of franchise owners are unable to pay their debts and are at serious risk for losing their restaurant.

Additionally, the company’s top management is showing signs of weakness. Franchise owners have stated that the decision making process by company leaders has been erratic and unorganized. The owners have also said that the lack of leadership is frightening as the company tries gimmick after gimmick to turn things around. No consistent path has been taken, and the owners never know what to expect next.

While the company is very well-established and maintains a major global presence, younger patrons are simply moving on to healthier food options. McDonald’s and its unhealthy image simply cannot keep up.

The company is being shunned in favor of more trendy food establishments. Even if McDonald’s miraculously made the transition to widespread healthier offerings, the company would still have to shake its cemented image. And that will never be an easy task.

Long story short, the company is likely facing its final days, as it is becoming fair to wonder if anything can save the brand.

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