New Industry In China Lures Mistresses Away From Husbands

Chinese business man Connor Ding is undertaking a new venture that helps women get rid of their husbands’ mistresses to supposedly allow them to revert back to happily married lives with their partners.

Connor insists that his new business in China is completely serious, and it is exactly how it sounds.

Connor stated, “Every man cheats if he is unhappy in love, including myself. People cheat because something is missing in their marriage, whether it is sex appeal, respect or love. We help people to take control of their relationship by teaching them how to address and resolve problems and gain back their partners, which often involves getting rid of a third party.”

Mistresses share a common role throughout the world, and women in China have a major demand for getting rid of them. Many Chinese wives would rather pay millions of yuan for the mistresses to leave the picture rather than fight against their husbands in court. Many experts say that women often endure unfaithful relationships for the sake of their children. Additionally, marriage laws often work against women, since men can easily hide their assets when it comes time to determine settlements.

However, divorce is becoming increasingly common in China. One marriage consultant from Shanghai Ming Li says that she has handled more than 50,000 throughout her years.

“We see 20 to 30 new clients at our consultancy every day,” she said.

Ming blames the changing culture of China for this somewhat recent trend that used to be quite taboo.

She stated, “China was so conservative then, but today many girls just don’t have the patience to wait for years while their men acquire enough wealth to afford a house and car. Declining morals and materialistic values are equally to blame.”

Statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affair in China show that more than 3.6 million couples in the country filed for divorce last year. This statistic has been increasing every year for the past 12 years.

Many believe that technology, which has made it easier than ever to cheat, has attributed to this extremely high rate of divorce.

Connor’s business is commonly referred to as “mistress-dispelling”. It is a rapidly growing industry in which dating consultants hire groups of handsome gym instructors, counsellors, lawyers, and investigators to offer a “holistic approach” in convincing the unwanted mistress to leave. Essentially, they lure the mistress away.

One intervention strategy of the professional service includes assisting the mistress in discovering better, alternative life options. Another works to help the mistress realize that their lover is married with children and does not want a divorce.

Connor’s company is located in the city of Shenzhen, which is commonly referred to as the “City of Mistresses” because of the large number of men from Hong Kong who keep “second wives” in the city.

About one-fifth of Connor’s clients are from overseas. He says that business is doing so well that he has plans to establish a branch in every mainland Chinese province in the next two years.

The industry is also accepting wives from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States who say that their husband has been lured by a young woman from mainland China.

Fees for Connor’s service start at nearly $5,000. However, that will only get a frustrated wife consultation over the phone or internet. Working “offline” starts at almost $16,000. Connor says that he has charged up to $315,000 in extreme cases.

He says that his success rate is 80%, and he promises a money-back guarantee.

While the business may seem unusual, you cannot argue with success.